Terribly Disappointing Experience with Chrysler Corporation

Posted by on October 18, 2010

This post is based on personal experience with Chrysler Corporation. It has been so disappointing and discouraging that I feel the need to share it with everyone who may be considering purchasing a Dodge or Chrysler.

OK, here are the facts.

1. We purchased a Dodge 2500 RAM 2009 diesel truck in July 2009. Purchasing price for it $49,298.04. Yes, that’s a lot of money! As taxpayers in this country, we decided it was the right thing to do and support an American company in tough economic times. Only if we knew what was going to happen!

2. The truck turned out to be a lemon. A month after we purchased it, the dealership – Carson Dodge replaced all tires and drive shaft due to excessive vibration at 40-50 mph. In less than a year from purchasing it,  the truck started breaking down every month with emissions problems. Carson Dodge attempted to repair it every time, all 8 (eight) times between 6/10/2010 – 10/13/2010.

3. Chrysler Corporation and Cummings (the engine manufacturer) have stated in writing that the issue is not repairable due to altitude, temperature and driving. Can someone please, explain this to me?

4. In the meantime, we have been inconvenienced by not having the reliable, dependable, great truck we thought we purchased and have had to find alternative ways of transportation, change our lifestyle and travel plans and lose wages and personal time on dealing with this issue. This doesn’t even take into account the aggravation of having to deal with this ongoing issue.

5. We wrote a letter to Chrysler Corporation on 09/19/2010 and up to this date have not received a response back. The only attempt to resolve the issue has been through a third party group called Impartial Services Group via phone calls. They have offered to purchase the truck back for $40,765.57, a difference of $8,532.47. This number takes into consideration mileage put on the truck (11,416 miles at the amount of $4,998.15) and still to be disclosed information on the remaining $3,534.32.

6. We received a voicemail on 10/18/2010 from Impartial Services Group offering the purchase back price with the option that if we agree to the amount, we can just call them back and leave a voicemail and they will issue us a check. We have nothing in writing from Chrysler Corporation, Impartial Services Group or Carson Dodge.

7. In the meantime, we still own a lemon truck that continues to have issues which Carson Dodge refuses to fix because “it’s unfixable” while we have a completely unacceptable offer on the table. Based on Chrysler Corporation letter dated 10/07/2010, we should just continue to drive it with the engine light on. The letter also states: “If your check engine light starts to flash or you experience a drivability issue, you will then need to have it towed to our dealership for repairs”. Hmmm, and I thought it wasn’t repairable.

From a customer service standpoint, this experience is completely unacceptable. Instead of taking advantage of taxpayers in such an unscrupulous manner, Chrysler and Dodge need to stand up and do the right thing for Americans. It’s not a surprise that foreign manufacturers have taken such a large market share in this country.

What would happen if Chrysler simply said: “We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you. Here’s a full refund on the truck. We hope you decide to give us another try and continue to be our loyal customer”. Is this too much to ask?

Word of Mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. 18% of people believe advertising. 92% believe what their family and friends tell them. Thanks to technology, an individual has the power to tell thousands of people online with a click of a mouse and many people in the real world about a horrible or an excellent experience they’ve had with a brand.

This will be my start to tell the world about Chrysler’s horrible customer service. I will make it my mission to tell everyone I meet about it. As my career is in marketing and social media I meet many people online and offline. I will use Chrysler Corporation as a case study in every presentation I make, every workshop I conduct and every “Bad Customer Service” example I share. Honestly, I’m tired of SHITTY CUSTOMER SERVICE and Corporate America screwing the working man. Thanks to technology, we now have a voice.

Chrysler, I hope you are listening!